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From 1 to 30 days

Short-term rentals

The property is rented out per night, to tourists and business travellers.

Use the property whenever you please and earn more!

Fees starting at 20%


From 2 to 52 weeks

Mid-term rentals

We host employees of international companies and digital nomads. 

Market niche with higher returns and low amortisation. 

Fees starting at 15%

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Over 1 year

Long-term rentals

We turn the property into a serviced apartment with a concierge. 

Be a carefree landlord with happy tenants!

Fees starting at 60EUR/month

Each client has different preferences and each property has its own characteristics. There is no universal management strategy, which works for everyone. 

Flat Manager is the only company in Bulgaria and among few globally, which has the experience, resources and technology to serve all 3 segments of the rental market. 

How can you choose the most beneficial type of rental for your property? Let us help with the decision. We'll consult you for free. 


Short-term rentals


What are they?

The typical duration of short-term rentals is from 1 to 30 days. 


The majority of tenants (guests) are tourists or business travellers, booking through platforms like Airbnb. 

The rental rate is calculated on a nightly basis and a cleaning fee is added. 

Suitable properties

In Sofia and Plovdiv the properties need to be located in the top center of the cities, walking distance to all major tourist landmarks. 

On the Black Sea coast the properties need to be near the beach or near other preferred sights. 

The properties must have been renovated within the last 5 years and have an attractive look. 


Short-term rentals have two major advantages for homeowners: flexibility to use your property whenever you please and higher returns. 

They are suitable for people who would like to invest in real estate and exit the investment within 2 years. 

It's the perfect option for people who live abroad and would like to stay at their own place while spending time at home. 

Our services

 - Professional photoshoot of the entire property

 - Creation of property listings at Airbnb, and Expedia

 - Dynamic pricing

 - 24/7 guest communication

 - Check-ins

 - Cleaning and Laundry

 - Maintenance


Mid-term rentals

What are they?

The duration of mid-term rentals is from 2 to 52 weeks. 

The majority of the tenants are company employees, digital nomads, actors, official persons and other people residing in the city temporarily. 

The rental rate is calculated on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Suitable properties

The properties need to be situated in key locations in the city center or in very close proximity to business districts with offices. 

Stylish and modern high-end furnishing with a desk or workspace. Perfect condition of the property (renovated within the last 18 months). 

Preference for new buildings with excellent common areas and elevator. 


Low amortisation, optimised occupancy and higher returns. 

This is a niche market, which will continue to develop​ worldwide. 

Very suitable option in combination with short-term rentals provided that the homeowner does not want to use the property. 

Ideal option for investments with longer term outlook (no sale expected within the next 2 years)

Our services

All services for short-term rentals are necessary.

In addition, we will list the property on the platform FlatAway, which serves our corporate clients, among which are international banks, Big 4 companies, consulting firms, film studios, embassies, organizations and others. 


Long-term rentals

What are they?

The long-term rent is the good old traditional rent which can last for 1 or more years. You know it well, but we changed it. 

We transform the property into a serviced apartment with concierge. 

The majority of the tenants are young working couples and families who appreciate comfort and extra services.

The rent is calculated on a monthly basis.

Suitable properties

The properties need be located in the preferred neighbourhoods. 

The suitable properties would be mid-to-high end, with modern interiors and in perfect condition. 

Preference for new buildings with elevator. 


We check the property every month: low amortisation and security. 

Risk-free. We collect the rent and monitor the payment of utility bills​. 

We take care of everything - fixing stuff when it breaks, repainting the apartment after a long tenancy, etc. 

The property's appeal and rent increases due to the additional concierge services made available to the tenant. 

Our services

 - Monthly property checks

 - Rent collection and monitoring of utility bills payment

 - Handymen for maintenance and small repair works. 

 - 24/7 tenant communication

 - Representation before the neighbours and various institutions. 


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Learn more about the different types of rentals and our services in our frequently asked questions section. 

Make an informed decision!